Welcome to Black & White Photographics, one of Australiaâ€â„¢s longest running professional photographic laboratories. With connections to the professional photographic industry since 1909, Black & White was established in 1982.With a full range of editing, printing, framing & display options, let our highly trained and experienced staff help you create something special.

Who Are Our Clients?

At Black and White Photographics we print for professional photographers, government departments, artists and the general public. Many of our prints adorn galleries and art houses around the world. We specialise in exhibitions and reproduction work. No job is too big or too small.We use state of the art equipment and technologies enabling us to produce premier quality at significantly cost effective rates. Be wary of suppliers charging exorbitant fees.


We at Black & White Photographics love our customers and are always trying to improve.Please take 1 minute to complete our anonymous online survey to help us improve our performance.Click here to proceed.

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