A new way of presenting canvas and fine art prints. All images are printed on our
high-quality fine art or canvas substrates, then sprayed with a protective super-coat to prevent fingerprints and scuffing. All prices below are based on image area, as prints come with an additional  white around, as pictured.


Canvas Scroll

Your image is expertly printed onto high-end photo canvas, then super-coated, and attached to Australian Oak Plantation dowels on top & bottom. Finally, a hanging string is attached, and your print is ready to go.


Fine Art Hangers


Your image is printed onto any paper from our fine art range. It is then super-coated and attached to Australian Oak Plantation battens top and bottom, equal to the print in length. Retro silver office clips are then used to fix it all together with the hanging string. The hanging system is re-usable if you wish to change the image which is handy for gallery exhibitions.

4×6″  (10x15cm)$14.25$9.00
5 x 7″ (13 x 18cm)$14.25$9.00
6 x 9″ (15 x 23cm)$14.25$10.50
8 x 10″ (20 x 25cm)$15.45$11.95
8 x 12″ (20 x 30cm)$16.70$15.75
10 x 15″ (25 x 38cm)$26.95$21.00
11 x 14″ (28 x 35cm)$26.95$25.45
12 x 18″ (30 x 46cm)$34.45$34.65
16 x 20″ (40 x 50cm)$51.95$51.00
16 x 24″ (40 x 60cm)$60.00$62.25
20 x 24″ (50 x 60cm)$72.85$67.50
20 x 30″ (50 x 76cm)$91.00$87.00
24 x 30″ (60 x 76cm)$109.30$117.00
30 x 40″ (76 x 100cm)$181.40$187.50

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