Slide (E6) Film Processing

Black & White Photographics utilises computerised quality control systems to ensure image stability and colour accuracy. Our system produces clean and blemish free slides every time. Over the last 20 years Black and White Photographics has processed tens of thousands of rolls of slide film to the exacting standards required by commercial photographers and high end landscape artists alike. We process all films Australia wide and our standards are so high, even other labs use us!

Process                           Dev Only
135 – 24Exp                     $15.00
135 – 36Exp                     $15.00
120                                     $15.00
220                                     $30.00

Push / Pull

Print from full (uncut) 35mm roll = $10 per roll added to dev. only price.
Processed rolls may then be scanned and emailed.
We can cut and sleeve or leave uncut and boxed for filing.

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