Digital Scanning

Black & White Photographics use state of the art Hi-Res scanners to yield the best quality images for client use.  All scans are colour and density corrected to professional standards suitable for all forms of printing and reproduction.

Roll Scanning


Roll Scanning is the perfect way to scan a whole roll of 35mm or 120 format film. Files are may be provided on CD, DVD USB or emailed directly to your email address via “”We Transfer”. Available in Low or High Resolution.

JPEG Base 4 Roll Scanning is suitable for 35mm or 120 format colour negative, B&W negative and slide film. Files from 35mm, are 650kb to 900kb in JPEG format and open to approx 6.49mb. Great for prints up to  6×9″ or for viewing on most screens. Files from 120 depend on format as follows: 6×45 ratio = 1800x1350px   6×6  ratio  = 1800x1800px    6×7  ratio = 1800x2100px   6×9  ratio = 1800x2700px

Full Uncut Roll                         Pre Cut Roll
$12.50                                           $16.00

JPEG Base 16 Roll Scanning is suitable for 35mm or 120 format colour negative, B&W negative and slide film.  Files from 35mm are approximately 1.8Mb to 2.1Mb JPEG format that will open to approx. 21Mb and are suitable for 20×30″ prints. Files from 120 depend on ratio as follows:   6×45 ratio = 3600x2700px   6×6   ratio = 3600x3600px   6x7cm  ratio = 3600x4200px    6×9 ratio  = 3600x5400px

Full Uncut Roll                         Pre Cut Roll
$17.50                                            $24.50

Process and Scan Bundle 35mm
Process and Scan Base 4 (Standard Scan)$15.00 Per Roll
Process and Scan Base 16 (Hi-Res Scan)

Process and Scan FREE EXPORT

$20.00 Per Roll

$25.00 Per Roll

Process and Scan Bundle 120
Process and Scan Base 4 (Standard Scan)$20.00 Per Roll
Process and FREE EXPORT (Hi-Res Scan)$25.00 Per Roll

Individual Scanning


Scans may be from individual 35mm or 120 negatives, slides or prints up to A4 (21x30cm) in size.   Files may be supplied on CD, DVD or USB or even emailed. Depending on the requirements, scans may be produced on our Fuji SP3000, either of our Imacon Flextight virtual drum scanners or our high end flatbeds. In the hands of our skilled operators, the quality is second to none and is the best available.

Size                        1 to 5             6 to 15          16 to 50            51+            Suitable for print size
0 – 6.5Mb               $6.50              $2.00              $1.85             $0.95            6×9″ (35mm neg/slide only)

6.5Mb – 20Mb        $6.50              $4.50              $3.75             $2.75                           8×12″
21Mb – 40Mb         $9.95               $7.50             $4.95                  –                             12×16″
41Mb – 80Mb       $18.00             $13.50            $11.50                –                            16×24″
81Mb – 160Mb     $21.50             $18.50           $16.50                 –                            20×30″
161Mb Plus          $10.50          per 100Mb

Shoebox Scanning


Digitise your family’s photographic history with shoebox scanning. An affordable way of sharing those treasured images with the whole family. Ideal for saving and storing large volumes of small printed photographs to prevent them from being faded or destroyed by time. Maximum scan size is 8.5″ x 34″. Prints must not be mounted onto rigid card or have sticky residue.

Resolution           10 to 25         26 to 100           100+
300 PPI                 $2.50                   $2.00                 $1.50
600 PPI                 $4.00                   $3.00                 $2.00


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