File Submission


What Is Filedrop?

Filedrop is our quick and easy way to submit files to us online.
No need to install any software,or remember passwords. Totally safe and secure.
Use this link to upload all your files to us-
And once you’re finished please remember to complete the submission form here- so we know you have sent us files.

Can I Use DropBox Or Something Similar?

You can use other systems but there may be a number of issues. Transferring through a third party may be significantly slower, susceptible to  compression / decompression of images, various parsing errors and truncated images.
The major issue we repeatedly experience is a large time delay in receiving and then downloading. By using the “Filedrop” you are connecting directly to our mainframe¬†without third party interference. As soon as your upload is compete, the files are on our system.

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