B&W Film Processing

Black and White Photographics has the only custom made, fully automated B&W processing machine in Australia.
This enables us to accurately process any and all B&W film on the market.

Found old films in Grandpa’s draws, we can process them too.
We can cut and sleeve the negatives or leave them in a roll and boxed.

Negatives may then be scanned if required or prints made on matte, lustre or gloss finish.

Process Only 35mm  
Process Only$9.00 Per Roll
Push/Pull Add$4.00Per Roll
Process Only 120 (220 double the price) 
Process Only$8.00 Per Roll
Push/Pull Add$4.00 Per Roll
Process and Scan Bundle 35mm 
Process and Scan Base 4 (Standard Scan)$15.00 Per Roll

Process and Scan Base 16 (Hi-Res Scan)

Process and Scan FREE EXPORT

$20.00 Per Roll 

$25.00 Per Roll

Process and Scan Bundle 120 
Process and Scan Base 4 (Standard Scan)$20.00 Per Roll

Process and FREE EXPORT (Hi-Res Scan)

$25.00 Per Roll 

JPEG Base 4 Roll Scanning files from 35mm, are 650kb to 900kb in JPEG format and open to approx 6.49mb. Great for prints up to  6×9″ or for viewing on most screens.
Files from 120 depend on format as follows: 6×45 ratio = 1800x1350px   6×6  ratio  = 1800x1800px    6×7  ratio = 1800x2100px   6×9  ratio = 1800x2700px

JPEG Base 16 Roll Scanning files from 35mm are approx 1.8Mb to 2.1Mb JPEG format that will open to approx. 21Mb and are suitable for 20×30″ prints.
Files from 120 depend on ratio as follows:   6×45 ratio = 3600x2700px   6×6   ratio = 3600x3600px   6x7cm  ratio = 3600x4200px    6×9 ratio  = 3600x5400px

6×4″ Dev & Print1 Set2 SetsExtra Sets
24 Exp$18.95$24.95$5.60
36 Exp$24.95$32.45$7.60
5×7″ Dev & Print1 Set2 SetsExtra Sets
24 Exp$30.50$40.00$9.50
36 Exp$42.50$56.50$14.00
120 Roll PrintPer Print PriceExtra Sets
Up to 4×5″$0.75$0.45

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